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Veil Anti-laser Coating

Don't get speeding tickets, get VEIL!


MSRP: $139.99
Our Price: $99.95
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Radar detectors provide no advanced warning to police laser!
Do you realize that without VEIL, even the best radar detectors, laser detectors, and laser jammers won't provide you sufficient protection from costly speeding tickets?

Even the manufacturers of radar detectors acknowledge this fact.

Don't sweat it, there's good news: VEIL significantly hampers police laser guns from obtaining your vehicle's or motorcycle's speed and enables you to safely avoid speeding tickets!*

VeilWhen used with radar detectors or laser jammers, VEIL gives you precious additional reaction time—time you wouldn't otherwise have—to safely slow down to avoid a costly speeding ticket.

VEIL transforms your radar detector from a ticket notifier into a safe ticket preventer!

Hear from other driving enthusiasts who have used VEIL to safely avoid the high cost of speeding tickets and find out why MotorTrend named us the 'best bang for the buck' countermeasure.

See how VEIL will help you avoid speeding tickets by watching these cool videos.

Independent tests have confirmed VEIL's ability to reduce police laser's range to fewer than 500 feet and provide up to 2100 foot reductions. In certain instances, VEIL may even provide Jam-to-Gun protection against the latest Gen III police laser!

In addition to radar laser detectors, VEIL can be used to further improve the capabilities of laser jammers or anti photo-lidar license plate covers.
If you don't currently own one of better radar detectors or laser detectors or in need of the latest police radar detection capabilities provided by the best models, then you will enjoy our radar detectors buyer's guide for 2006 or VEIL's highly informative radar detector reviews. Or you can check out our review of the new high-tech Escort Passport 9500i radar detector or our tribute to the venerable Valentine One radar detector.

Perhaps you're a professional driver and are interested in the first production stealth radar detector. Well, Beltronics has you covered with their Bel STI Driver RDD (radar detector detector) immune radar detectors. When you pair VEIL with these radar detectors, you really become a stealth driver!

If you are considering mid-priced radar detectors and would like to own one of the best radar detector values, the Whistler Pro-78 radar detector or the Whistler XTR-690 radar detector might just be your perfect solution.

Or, if high-style and stealth installation are your top priorities in a radar detector, then Cobra has you covered with their new innovative two and three component radar detectors—the Cobra XRS R7/Cobra XRS R9G radar detector with GPS capabilities—which alert to the locations of red light cameras and photo radar speed cameras.

Whichever radar detector or laser jammer you own, you should always use VEIL to improve its laser/radar detection or laser jamming performance.

Thank you for visiting and please familiarize yourself with our site and blog as they each contain a wealth of information—about the latest laser detectors, radar detectors, laser jammers, and other countermeasures including VEIL—so you safely avoid the high cost of traffic citations and be free of police laser and police radar speeding tickets. This information has been obtained by the accumulation of many thousands of miles of firsthand realworld driving experiences.

VEIL enables you to safely avoid speeding tickets.

VEIL - anti-laser stealth coating/film - significantly hampers police laser guns' ability to obtain your vehicle's speed and enables you to safely avoid speeding tickets - when VEIL is paired with a good radar detector or laser jammer.

It does so by eliminating IR laser light reflections - that speed guns require to obtain your speed - and will provide you with precious additional reaction time to your radar detector's or laser jammer's alert - time you wouldn't otherwise have.

VEIL is designed to coat headlights, fog lights, running/parking lamps or reflective markers, and license plate covers. These treated areas appear BLACK to the police laser speed gun.
VEIL is especially effective on newer vehicles which have large frontal headlight systems.


Veil Veil
VEIL offers similar performance to an active laser jammer - except, unlike laser jammers - it doesn't produce jamming codes on the officer's gun.

After witnessing the use of several active laser jammers as the sole laser countermeasure, you would see that, in general, laser jammers do not offer consistent protection from all varieties of speed traps.

In many cases, a vehicle's speed is still obtainable particularly when the headlights are targeted or when the vehicle is targeted from the rear - meaning you still may be vulnerable to a potential speeding ticket.

Furthermore, LaserAtlanta, is selling several speed guns (SpeedLaser R & S) that do not alert radar detectors and are claimed to be capable of obtaining speed readings despite the use of active jamming (the exception being the Blinder Xtreme series). Don't be surprised to find additional gun manufacturers to eventually follow suit.

Since VEIL is a stealth countermeasure which significantly reduces the amount of the reflected laser light, its effectiveness is not impaired by these newer and more capable guns - in fact, VEIL's performance increases!

When used in combination with a radar detector, your detector will no longer be just a "speeding ticket notifier" - it will actually serve to protect you from police laser-lidar speedtraps and their moving violations.

And wasn't that the reason you purchased your radar detector in the first place?

See VEIL in action when you check out these cool videos!

Hear from other driving enthusiasts who have used VEIL to fight the high cost of speeding tickets!

Curious what VEIL looks like on your vehicle or bike? Watch this video* of proper VEIL application.

Ready to get Veiled?

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Start enjoying the comfort of stealthdriving!

Get protected with what MotorTrend named the 'best bang for the buck' laser countermeasure!
"The must have add-on no matter what!" - Don't Get Caught, Australia
The complete VEIL package contains everything you need to immediately start saving from the high costs of speeding tickets and inflated insurance premiums!!!

  • 5 ½ oz. - treats 8-10 vehicles, under $10 each!
  • 1", 2", 3" foam edging brushes
  • 1" nylon brush
  • Multi-lingual full-color instruction guide
  • Certified test results from
  • Speed Measurement Labs & Radar Test
  • Product registration form
  • Unique product serialization number and tamper-evident seals to guarantee package freshness, integrity, and quality control
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.

Protects your driving record!
Saves you hundreds of dollars in fines and surcharges!
Pays for itself with your first successful laser encounter!
Lasts for years!
Makes a perfect gift for the driving season!

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