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Frequently Asked Questions

       Q. How is a Jammer different from a Radar detector?

A. Radar detectors give audible warnings for police radars, but often too late for you to adjust your speed. A radar scrambler disables the radar/lidar detector, giving you time to slow down if necessary.

       Q. What is the different between passive and active jammers?

A. Active jammers work by transmitting a new signal of their own confusing police speed devices and can work from any distance, including point blank range (zero feet from the radar gun).

Passive jammers take the original X, K, Ka, and European Ku & Xu frequencies and ad an FM chirp. The scrambled signal then bounces back, confusing the signal inside the gun. This lasts for only a few seconds at longer rang, but gives the driver additional time to adjust his speed if needed. When used with a quality radar detector, you have time to check your speed without ever being monitored.

       Q. Are "Passive jammers" legal?

A. Passive jammers comply with all FCC regulations. They are reflective receivers that leak no radio energy into the atmosphere. Passive jammers are legal in all states except OK. MN. VA. CA. NE. and Washington, DC

       Q. Are "Active Laser jammers" legal?

A. Active Laser Jammers are completely legal since the Food and Drug Administration governs the laser speed measurement devices, and not the FCC. Also be aware that VA, Wash. DC bans the use of radar detectors. MN, UT, OK, NB, VA, CA bans the use of radar and laser jammers.

       Q. Are "Active Radar jammers" legal?

A. Active Radar Jammers are illegal to use in the USA.

       Q. I already have a Radar Detector, Why do I need a Laser Jammer?

A. Good question. Radar detectors are some defense against police radar because they can pick up a radar signal well in advance of your being within the radars range of operation. In other words, your radar detector notifies you that a police radar is there before they know that you are there.

This is NOT so with laser. Laser guns must target a reflected area, such as the License plate or headlight, with a very small laser beam, one not more than 18 inches wide. No radar detector will have even a slim chance to detect laser in time. You won't know a laser has hit you UNTIL IT HITS YOU. By then, you are caught! Police laser guns are very effective and work within a fraction of a second, much faster than you can take your foot off the accelerator. Laser and radar detectors are of little use in defense of police laser guns.

Jammers Store.com does not condone reckless driving habits or speeding, and will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for your driving or riding. Check local and state laws before use.


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